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The Dog and Duck Pub

406 W 17th ST

Austin, TX 78701




Guadalupe and W. 17th ST



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Mon-Sat: 11am - 2am

Sun: 12am - 2am


About the Pub

Dog and Duck might have opened as a British Pub, but it has evolved into something more. We have 42 beer taps, of various Texas, American, and International Brews. A Kitchen which has recently been voted Austin's Best Pub Grub, and has everything from fish 'n' chips to Falafel, and almost anything else you could want. We even have some food that is healthy.

There is ample seating both inside and outside for small parties or large groups. Our wonderful jukebox has an eclectic variety of music with Sinatra, Motown, Heavy Metal, British Rock, and even the theme song from MASH. There are TV's inside and outside, and the bartender would be happy to put on anything you want to watch. We get a lot of people who come in for the World Series and the World Cup. You can also play some games, we have pinball, pool, darts, and a various selection of board games.

And like all good public houses, we have free wi-fi, for your computer or iPhone.

Our History

It would be nice to tell you that Dog and Duck is a long established Austin business that people have been going to for generations, but truthfully, it's not even old enough to drink.

Dog and Duck opened up in May of 1990 in it's current location, it's well known tin ceilings, slanted wood floor, and fireplace already there. The Building had been around for a long time, and was a restaurant called Mrs. Robinson's in the 1970's. In 1991, Dog and Duck sistered with one of The Dog and Duck pubs in London.

Susan Forrester who opened the pub is still an owner, along with Jeff Mckillop. Both of them can Often be found at the pub at their corner table.


Dog and Duck has won many awards over the years for being a great pub.


  • 2004 Best Drunken Bar Game (Where One Is Allowed to Throw Sharp Things)
  • 2002 Best Friendly Bar
  • 2002 Best Pub/Neighborhood Bar
  • 2002 Architectural Detail in a Pub
  • 2001 Best Pub/Neighborhood Bar
  • 2000 Best Bar Snacks
  • 2000 Best Pub
  • 1999 Bar Snacks
  • 1999 Pub
  • 1998 Bar Snacks
  • 1997 Bar Snacks
  • 1993 Beer Selection
  • 1992 Best Pub Grub


  • 2011 Readers Pub Grub
  • 2009 Readers Pub Grub
  • 2008 Readers Pub Grub
  • 2007 Readers Pub Grub
  • 2006 Readers Pub Grub
  • 2004 Readers Pub Grub
  • 2003 Critics Pub Grub
  • 2001 Readers Pub Grub
  • 2000 Readers Pub Grub
  • Citysearch - "Best Of" Bars and Pubs
  • - Austin's Best Nightlife
  • - "Great" rating